Graduation Letter to Community

by Jun 5, 2020Announcement

Dear Wanette Community,

2020 Commencement will be like no other graduation in history.  We are living in historic times and one day our seniors will have a unique story that only a 2020 graduate can have.   One look around the country and seniors in college and high school are having to postpone or cancel in-person ceremonies due to COVID-19.  Wanette seniors are even more unique in that our graduation class is small enough that we can follow social distancing protocols and with modifications, still have an in-person graduation ceremony.

Unfortunately while living in this new temporary way of life, with hosting an in-person graduation ceremony also brings with it new restrictions; restrictions that are put in place to ensure the safety of not only our students and their immediate family and guests, but our staff as well.  The following safety guidelines are being implemented so that our seniors can be formally recognized on Friday, June 5th:

  • Each graduate can bring 16 family & friends
    • 10 family members/guests will be permitted to sit on the floor
    • There will be 6ft between each of the graduate’s family/grouping of 10
    • The other six guests will be sitting in the bleachers, also distanced 6ft apart from other guests
  • The nine graduates will sit in a row facing the stage
  • Board Members will sit on the stage
  • Administrators and the speaker will sit to the left or right of the stage
  • Every person who enters the facility:
    • Must have ticket
    • Must have their temperature taken
    • Masks are appreciated but not required

During the ceremony pictures will be taken by parents at a small table where each senior will be given a diploma and a rose.  The diploma and the rose will be placed on the table one at a time by a gloved staff member.  In adherence with social distancing guidelines, we will not be shaking hands and we will not have a reception following the graduation.  

Poor internet connection in our gym does not allow for streaming of the graduation on Facebook Live.  Instead, we will video the ceremony and post it to the district website and our Facebook page. We will also provide a cd for each senior. 

The last several months have been difficult on us all, especially on our seniors who missed out on so many of the traditional “lasts”.  While this is not the traditional graduation ceremony that our community has come to expect, I hope that you recognize how fortunate we are to host a ceremony, albeit different than we are use to. 

There are many ways to recognize our seniors without being present.  I hope you will take this time and safely create a way to cheer on our seniors and your community.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Silvia McNeely
Wanette Public Schools