COVID-19 School Re-entry Plan 2020-2021

by Jul 6, 2020Announcement


Student/Staff Wellbeing

• Wearing Masks are optional unless a person has fever
• Staff will wash hands often and ensure students wash hands often.
• Staff will have their temperature checked when they arrive to work. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 oF or higher will be sent home. (per CDC guidelines)
• Students will have their temperature checked by teachers on duty when they enter the building or exit the bus (by the bus driver). Students with a temperature of 100.4 oF or higher will be sent home.
• Students and Staff must be symptom free for 72hrs before returning to school
OR provide a notice from a licensed medical professional indicating that the test for COVID-19 is negative
OR a documentation indicating other form of illness other than COVID-19
• Staff will reinforce social distancing with students.
• Staff/Teachers will communicate healthy habits with the students in the classroom and outside the classroom (cafeteria, playground and hallway)
• Vaccination through mobile health unit.
• Students will be able to complete classwork through Google classroom when they are out sick.
• Nurses will be brought in as needed.
• Students with fever will be contained in a designated area ready for pick-up
• If a student has fever, the class will be self-contained, and parents will be notified immediately. Parents will be given the option to pick up their child.

Environment Planning & Programming

• Teachers will place desks to allow for social distancing.
• The playground will be limited to 1 or 2 classes at a time, depending on class size. Teachers will reinforce social distancing.
• Students will leave an empty seat between students when in the lunchroom.
• Students will not share classroom materials.
• Classroom materials will be sanitized at the end of each day.
• Teachers will sanitize their classrooms at the end of each day.
• Wipes and towels will be provided to each classroom.
• HVAC will be checked before school restarts.
• Contaminated classrooms will be sterilized before re-entry and student will be relocated to another classroom


• Sweep out all trash from the bus and empty trash containers and adding new liners.
• Open all windows when weather is permitting in order to air out the buses.
• Spray cleaning fluid on all widow surfaces and wipe them dry.
• Spray Cleaning fluid on all seat surfaces and wipe them dry.
• Report any noticeable student sicknesses to the Transportation Director
• Students temperatures will be checked before entering the bus

Cleaning Protocols

• More frequent cleaning routines: playground equipment washed down once a week and during flue seasons will be washed down twice a week or as needed
• Water fountains/dispensers must be washed down frequently on a daily basis (2-3x’s a day)
• Bathrooms & kitchen daily
• Sanitize all essential and non-essential rooms / place of occupancy with a sanitizer sprayer weekly and during flu season bi-weekly or more as needed that is FDA approved


Mental Health/ SEL

• Teachers will apply SEL (Social Emotional Learning) strategies within their daily instruction – The 5 Core Competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, & responsible decision-making).
• Teachers will receive professional training over integrating SEL strategies – CASEL ( and (
• Online implementation will be conducted during an Online setting – virtual meetings (Microsoft Team, Zoom, or pre-recording lessons)
• To stay socially connected to students and parents will occur through text message, email, zoom meetings, Microsoft team meetings or other social media.
• School counselor will offer counseling services virtually or in person pending on situation.
• During in person services, social distancing will be observed
• School counselor build partnership with students, parents, & community stakeholders while promoting academics, career, and social & emotional development, as well as develop relevant community resources.

Scheduling Adjustments

Regular Instruction: District plan on following the approved school calendar as long as public health officials deem it safe to do so.

Distance Learning: Distance learning will be done remotely but as a continuation of learning that normally would take place on site. Students who require remote access and/or devices must notify the school’s office, so that arrangements can be made in the event distance learning is put in place over regular instruction.

Blended Learning: Students will be engaged in distance learning weekly within their regular classroom setting for the purpose of providing a smooth transition for distance learning if or when the occasion arises.

Testing Procedures: Testing Schedules will be developed to accommodate every student and the announcement of these arrangements will be made prior to testing date.

Enrollment Adjustments

• Enrollment documents are shortened for re-enrolled students
• Online enrollment form is available on school’s website (

Academic Remediation

• Benchmarking will be conducted three times a year (August, December, & March) – to evaluate where teachers need to start and improve curriculum & instruction
• Pacing Calendars will be based upon students’ benchmarking data
• Learning remediation will be assessed by the results of Benchmarking
• Third-grade retention will be determined by the Student Reading Proficiency Team following the OSDE (Oklahoma State Department Education) guidelines
• Graduation requirements will not alter for the 2020-21 school year
• Opportunities for comprehensive credit will be utilizes by the district using Edganuity (7th -12th), Odysseyware (3rd -6th), IXL (supplemental for all grades), Renaissance (supplemental K-8th), eSparks (Pk 2nd), and other programs teachers select to assist in student learning opportunities.

Distance Learning Plan

• Blended learning (combines both on-site and distance learning) – to better accommodate social distancing by partially reopening school buildings to provide educational services.
  o Alternate high school site with Elementary site (every other day)
• Distance Learning (remote learning that normally would take place on-site) This learning plan should be developed in an emergency quarantine.
  o Teachers will practice distance learning once a week in the classroom in preparation of a temporary closure

Communication Plan

• District leadership team (school administration, PTO member, teacher, counselor, Board member, Fire Chief, County Nurse, etc.) to assist in the decision-making process within health protocols, environment factors, and mitigation strategies, calendars and schedules
• Parents will be communicated with by: School Website, School Facebook page, and Remind messenger.
• The school will use a Public Relations person for updating and informing the public


• CARES Funds increase investment for remote/distance learning (iPads with data)
And Professional Development for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) strategies

Contingency Planning

• Positive cases in sites or district – individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 may not return to school until the following criteria has been met.
  o Has been seen by a medical professional
  o At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery
  o The individual has improvement in respiratory symptoms
  o Has a medical release from a medical professional
• Exposure will prompt the district to undergo an investigation and notify the Pottawatomie County Health Department. Decisions will be conducted through the advisement/guidance from the health department recommendation and CDC’s guidelines.
  o Site or district closure will require 14 days, and steps of cleaning the entire facility.
  o Isolated cases will require cleaning the affected area
• Cleaning of school building will be applied daily
  o Teachers will be responsible for their classrooms – desks, electronics, tables, chairs, doors, etc..
  o Custodial/ Maintenance will frequently disinfect classrooms, offices, bathrooms and equipment
• Upon entering into the buildings, every person will have their temperature checked and OSDH (Oklahoma State Department of Health) rules authorize schools to exclude any child exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms.
  o Fever at or above 100.4 0F
  o Sore throat or tonsillitis
  o Any nasal discharge accompanied by fever
  o A severe cough producing phlegm or
  o Any inflammation of the eyes or lids
• All students will be required to wash hands to stay in guidelines required by the CDC, before going to the cafeteria and returning from the cafeteria.
• Special Education students will be evaluated individually to determine if certain areas can become a health risk. Other services (library, speech, PT/OT, etc will follow the same guidelines