Are you of Hispanic/Latino culture or origin?

Race (choose one or more)

Has the student ever attended Wanette Public Schools?*

Does your child use a name other than his/her legal name?*

Is student's mailing address the same as the physical address listed above?*

Will your child be driving to and from school?*

Is the residential address owned by the Indian Housing Authority or located on Indian land?*

Does your child reside in the Wanette Public School District?*

Relation to child*

Able to pick up child?*

Send mail/report card?*

Does child reside with you?*

Does child reside with you?*

Relation to child*

Send mail/report card?*

Able to pick up child?*

Is the custody of this child decreed by the courts?*

Is either parent/guardian in the military or a civilian working on government property?* (Eligible government properties: FFA-Will Rogers Airport, Any Indian Casinos, Indian Health Services, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Postal Service, VA Medical Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Uniformed Services (National Guard, Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Navy Reserves, etc.)

Is the student currently under suspension at previous school?*

Has student been in any type of special program(s)? (Check all that apply)

Does your child participate in a childcare program licensed by DHS?*

Does your child participate in the Sooner Start program?*

Does your child participate in the Children First program or any other child abuse prevention program operated by the State Dept. of Health?*

Does your child participate in the Head Start program or any other childhood program funded by state or federal monies?*

Does your child participate in the Oklahoma Parents as Teachers program operated by the State Dept. of Education?*

Does your home have internet access?*

Is there a device for distance learning available for the child to use?*

I choose to enroll my child in all-virtual schooling.*

I give permission for my child to have access to the Wanette Public School's network and the internet.*

I give permission for my child's picture to be used in school publication (website, TV, newspaper, etc.).*

I give permission for my child to participate in away sports games (baseball, basketball, softball).*

I give permission for my child to receive free vision and hearing screenings and any other screening test.*

I give permission for my child to participate in class field trips (info will be sent home prior to each trip).*

Do you have any degree of American Indian ancestry or have a CDIB card?*

I give permission for my child to be given Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cough syrup/drops, provided by the parents with your child's name on the bottles or bag of cough drops.*

The school has consent for corporal punishment (you will be notified before administering corporal punishment).*

Does your child have any allergies (bee stings, food, drug) or any other medical problems we need to know about?*

Medical information will be shared with appropriate school personnel. In the event I cannot be reached and my child needs treatment that cannot be taken care of at school, I do hereby authorize the designated school employee to take my child to the nearest hospital for treatment.*

Pursuant to the School Laws of Oklahoma, Wanette Public Schools has adopted a board policy prohibiting the attendance of a student under suspension from another school, until such times as the terms of the suspension have been met or suspension expired. The circumstances of an individual's suspension may be reviewed. By signing this form, I do hereby affirm that the student listed above is not currently under suspension from another school district.*

I also affirm that the facts stated herein are true. Any false statement subjects the above named student to immediate withdrawal.*